Cynthia Ann Olis

FEBRUARY 16, 1950 – MAY 8, 2017


Cynthia Ann Olis was known as many things to many people. She was a loved one, a friend, and someone special. To family and friends who knew her best, Cynthia will be remembered as a very exceptional person.

She was the daughter of Bill and Peggy Say. Cynthia grew up in Long Beach and Santa Ana, California.

Cynthia was raised with one sibling. She had one older brother, Mike. Cynthia was usually involved in all sorts of activities with her siblings. She and her siblings experienced rivalries typical of a growing family, but they shared many life experiences over the years.

As a young girl, Cynthia had a number of interests. Like most children, she enjoyed playing and making up games. She was curious about the world around her and was often eager to explore it. Cynthia was an active child who took part in softball. In her spare time she liked to dance and collect records. Cynthia's memorable achievements included playing the violin in Jr. High School. However, to Cynthia, the most fun to be had was simply playing and spending time with her friends.

A typical teenager, Cynthia had a fairly happy high school experience, making that critical transition from adolescence to adulthood. She graduated from Valley High School in 1968. She enjoyed some classes more than others, having favorite subjects and teachers. Her favorite class in high school was English. She played tennis and softball, was the president of the FHA (Future Homemakers of America) and was a member of the Girl's League.

Cynthia enjoyed her college years, which may have been a challenge with all of the academics, responsibilities, and the sudden freedom that accompanied them, but Cynthia was able to manage the balancing act. She earned her Bachelor Degree in English from San Diego State University. Her favorite courses were English. She worked in a pizza parlor and loved the college life (partying).

Always considered a “good” friend to those she knew, Cynthia enjoyed a broad group of acquaintances and several very close friends during her lifetime. Later in life, she became friends with Diane Jacobs and Irene Myers.

Empathic and loyal, Cynthia was committed to making her new family happy.

Cynthia worked hard to be a good mother to her children and she did her best to fulfill their needs. Cynthia was blessed with one child, Chad.

Fortunately, Cynthia enjoyed what she did for a living. Showing a strong work ethic, Cynthia worked diligently and did her best to succeed in her career. Her primary occupation was courthouse supervisor. She was employed for over 27 years at Harbor Justice Court in Newport Beach. Cynthia always sought to be a team player, doing what was necessary in order to get the job done.

Cynthia enjoyed her leisure time by taking part in various hobbies. Her favorite pursuits were reading, visiting with friends, going to the casino and talking to her mother. She was content to enjoy her favorite pastimes alone but was also willing to share her interests with others.

Cynthia found pleasure in sports. In high school, Cynthia played softball and tennis. Cynthia was also something of a sports fan and enjoyed following her favorite events whenever she had the chance to do so.

Throughout her life, Cynthia was a doer and was always actively involved in professional and community organizations. In high school, Cynthia was a member of the Future Homemakers of America.

Cynthia was a woman who took pride in upholding her beliefs. Politically, Cynthia was a democrat.

Cynthia enjoyed traveling and time away on vacations. It was a chance for her to renew and relax, to visit new places and experience new things. Favorite vacations included traveling to Hawaii and Vacation Village in San Diego.

Cynthia was a lover of animals and cherished her pets. One of her favorites was Buddy, her parakeet and Moose, her dog. They were best friends for Buddy for 3 years and Moose for 12 years.

When Cynthia’s retirement finally arrived in 2010, she was well prepared. In retirement, she found new pleasure in relaxing, going to the casino with friends and getting her nails and hair done. Even in retirement, Cynthia continued to stay in touch with her old friends while making plenty of new acquaintances. Cynthia was active in her new community and felt fulfilled with the opportunities retirement offered her.

Cynthia passed away on May 8, 2017 at her home in Laguna Woods. Cynthia fought a battle against cancer. She is survived by her son, Chad, her daughter-in-law Amy and her brother, Mike. Cynthia was cremated, her remains will be scattered amongst the Hawaiian Islands by her son.

Simply stated, Cynthia was a good and kind person, an individual who will for all time be remembered by her family and friends as being a caring and giving person, someone who was a vital part of their lives. Cynthia leaves behind her a legacy of life-long friendships and many cherished memories. Everyone whose life she touched will always remember Cynthia Ann Olis.

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